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Build amazing apps in Java, Kotlin or whatever tech you prefer and use Bitrise to automate your Android integration, build, test and deploy process quickly and easily.

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“We’ve been constantly amazed by what has been possible with Bitrise!”

“Bitrise’s workflows not only offered a lot of functionality, but they were also accompanied by community contributions. These are both things we are a huge fans of, and were also signs that it would be possible to create our own steps to plug into the workflows.”

“Bitrise has truly become the core of our automation efforts.”

After adopting the service, Careem came to the realization that the seemingly impossible tasks they were previously struggling with were impossible no more. With only a few clicks, they could go from running tests to reporting results in Slack, and even automating release processes.

"We could not deliver anywhere close to as much without it"

Through its auto-configuration, repository scanning and visual drag-and-drop interface, Bitrise offered a quick and easy way to get started, without sacrificing on customizability or scalability. Easy to learn, but with countless nuances and features.

"Bitrise is so easy to use, even new hires are comfortable with it."

They were not only able to solve the challenges they were currently facing with ease, but were able to utilize benefits of Bitrise’s in-depth customizability without having to worry about creating a steep learning curve.

“Bitrise allows us to build apps more efficiently.”

“I heard that it was the most user-friendly CI system for app development users.”

Why Bitrise for Android?

Whatever the technology you use, however big or small your team is, Bitrise is the best possible place to automate your Android development workflows. Why?

Optimized for mobile

Bitrise is mobile first. Build your Android apps with the same CI used by native and cross-platform teams to improve efficiencies, reuse workflows and leverage Bitrise's massive library of steps and integrations.

Full Android support

From the project scanner that'll recognize the tech you use in your Android app, to ready-to-use integrations with the third party services Android developers love, Bitrise allows you to hit the ground running.

For big and small

Everyone can use Bitrise for free, forever. Need more resources? Try the paid Dev Plan. Have an Open Source project? We'll give you those same Dev Plan features for free! Enterprise or scale-up in need of even more bells and whistles? Look into Bitrise's extensive Enterprise options.

Iterate your workflows

Use our Bitrise step library, create your own integration by using our templates or use the API as your Android CI CD pipeline turns into an increasingly powerful ally for your app development process. Pick from a number of different triggers to start your workflows when you want, how you want.

Influence and contribute

Build integrations, write Android tutorials or contribute trouble-shooting guides for an active community of Android developers. Our community helped shape our Android support so far: Join today and help further evolve and improve the world's best place to build Android apps.

The best Continuous Integration for Android. Guaranteed

Developed for - and actively used by - the Android developer community, Bitrise has all the support you'll ever need.

Automatic Android workflow configuration

Our project scanner will detect the technology used in your Android app and automatically configure your initial workflow to get you up and running in minutes. From there, rapidly iterate and improve.

Support for all your third-party services

Out-of-the-box support for third party services for app testing and deployment, dependency or code sign management, access control, artifact info and much, much more. Request or build missing integrations

Shared environment with your native teams

Share workflows, resources and insights across all your teams, not just those using Android, with a Android CI optimized for all mobile technologies, from Swift, and React Native to Flutter and Kotlin

Full enterprise-ready featureset

Supports all major Git services, SAML SSO, team/role management and enterprise-grade security and hosting. Used by 20% of Fortune's Global 100 for some of the world's most downloaded apps

Rated 5 out of 5 ⭐️

Places like G2Crowd list Bitrise as better than the competition in critical categories including 'Easy of Use', 'Quality of Support' and 'Meets Requirements'. Want to find out what actual developers think about Bitrise, though? Just search for Bitrise on Twitter and see what people like @JoaquimLey, @thehappypenguin and @Qw4z1 have to say.


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