CI/CD for mobile apps built in Apple's Swift programming language

Featuring all the steps and integrations you'll ever need, preconfigured for apps built in Apple's Swift programming language


Why Bitrise for Swift?

With 99.9% uptime, round-the-clock customer support and countless integrations, Bitrise is a service you can trust with your Swift apps

Optimized for mobile

Bitrise is mobile first. Our CICD solution was built by mobile app developers, for mobile app developers, ensuring that it's an environment that works for you.

Out-the-box Swift support

From the project scanner that'll recognize your Swift project, to ready-to-use integrations with the third party services Swift developers love, Bitrise allows you to hit the ground running. Your first build will take literal minutes to kick off.

Countless usecases

From a robust free hobby plan to enterprise grade capabilities for the biggest companies and everything in between, we're here to meet your requirements. Use Bitrise for your Open Source Swift project and get access to our Dev Plan features for free!

Iterate your workflows

Use our Bitrise step library, create your own integration by using our templates or use the API as your Swift CICD pipeline turns into an increasingly powerful ally for your app development process. Find inspiration in Public Build pages, blogposts and the Bitrise Discuss.

Influence and contribute

Build integrations, write howtos or contribute trouble-shooting guides for an active community of Swift developers. Join the Bitrise Swift Developer User Group and help shape the roadmap for your peers building some of the world's most popular mobile applications.

Taking your Swift app from code to app store, automatically

Automatic configuration and extensive third-party service support, allows you to build, test and deploy Swift apps with unprecedented ease:

Project scanner

When you connect your Swift project, our project scanner will automatically recognize it as such, while also detecting dependencies and configuration specifics to create an initial workflow that builds, test and deploys your application. From there on out, you can tweak and evolve your workflow to do some truly magical things.

Multiple Xcode versions

Select from multiple stack with different Xcode versions to test your apps. This includes betas that are usually available a mere 48 hours after release. Take that, not-to-be-named CI services that take weeks (!) to set you up with the Xcode version you need.

Effortless code signing

Nobody likes code signing. Nobody. Let us do the heavy lifting by using our automatic provisioning profile management OR upload your signing files manually if that's how you'd prefer to roll.

Run unit and UI tests

Run your unit and UI tests through our native iOS Device Testing step to automatically test on physical devices OR connect to one of countless third-party services. This includes everything from Amazon's device farm to Codified and more.

Automatic app distribution

Deploy your app to testers quickly and easily with Bitrise deploy, send straight to iTunes Connect or Testflight OR deploy to a range of third parties, including HockeyApp, Fabric, Deploygate and many others.

Recommended by the Swift Community

Bitrise is a staple presence in some of the Swift community's most popular outlets, including the Swift by Sundell podcast and Hacking with Swift. This year, Bitrise was named 'Highly Commended' in the category Deployment Tools at the Swift Community Awards:

The best place for Swift. Guaranteed

Featuring all the steps and integrations you'll ever need, preconfigured for apps built in Apple's Swift programming language:

Swift Environment Variable Injector

Step to inject static values from environment variables into Swift code files before compilation


Runs Swiftlint on the project. Swiftlint is an OSS tool, used to ensure Swift style and conventions are enforced

iOS Auto Provisioning

Automatically manages your iOS Provisioning Profiles for your Xcode project, eliminating time wasted and manual errors


Runs your Fastlane lane. Fastlane is an OSS platform that automated (part) of your deployment process

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