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With support for teams, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and locally hosted gits, plus tons of other features Flutter devs ❤️, Bitrise is the Flutter CI you need


Why Bitrise for Flutter?

For close to a year now, early adopters have used Bitrise to build some of the first production-ready apps with Google's Flutter. Their trailblazing has made Bitrise into the best possible Flutter CI platform:

Optimized for mobile

Bitrise is mobile first. Build your Flutter apps with the same CI used by your native teams to improve efficiencies, reuse workflows and leverage Bitrise's massive library of steps and integrations. Transition your projects from and to Flutter without having to change CI's.

Full Flutter support

From the project scanner that'll recognize your Flutter app, to ready-to-use integrations with the third party services Flutter developers love, Bitrise allows you to hit the ground running. Your first build will run in minutes, after which you can iterate to make your workflow truly your own.

For big and small

Everyone can use Bitrise for free, forever. Need more monthly builds or longer build-times? Try the paid Dev Plan. Have an Open Source project you'd like to build? We'll give you those same Dev Plan features for free! Enterprise or scale-up in need of even more resources? Look into Bitrise's extensive Enterprise options.

Iterate your workflows

Use our Bitrise step library, create your own integration by using our templates or use the API as your Flutter CI CD pipeline turns into an increasingly powerful ally for your app development process. Pick from a number of different triggers to start your workflows when you want, how you want.

Influence and contribute

Build integrations, write Flutter tutorials or contribute trouble-shooting guides for an active community of Flutter developers. Our Flutter community helped shape our Flutter support so far: Join today and help further evolve and improve the world's best place to build Flutter apps.

The best Continuous Integration for Flutter. Guaranteed

Developed for - and actively used by - the Flutter developer community for close to a year, Bitrise has all the support you'll ever need. One of the world's first Flutter CI's, now featuring automatic recognition and configuration through our project scanner:

Automatic Flutter workflow configuration

Our project scanner will detect the technology used in your Flutter app and automatically configure your initial workflow to get you up and running in minutes. From there, rapidly iterate and improve. Find a short how-to in the announcement on our blog.

Support for all your third-party services

Out-of-the-box support for third party services for app testing and deployment, dependency or code sign management, access control, artifact info and much, much more. Request or build missing integrations

Shared environment with your native teams

Share workflows, resources and insights across all your teams, not just those using Flutter, with a Flutter CI optimized for all mobile technologies, from Swift, and React Native to Flutter and Kotlin

Full enterprise-ready featureset

Supports all major Git services, SAML SSO, team/role management and enterprise-grade security and hosting. Used by 20% of Fortune's Global 100 for some of the world's most downloaded apps

Embracing the Flutter Community

Bitrise ❤️ Flutter developers and we're not afraid to show it. We don't just support the community by offering the best possible Flutter CI, we also actively support events, publications and other community resources. Are you involved in a Flutter initiative that could use funding or sponsorship? Fill out this form and have us support your Flutter meetup or drop us a line at

Build better Flutter apps, faster

Start building on Bitrise today AND join our Flutter Community to share your apps built with Flutter, Flutter tutorials and everything you ever wanted to know about the Flutter framework:

So what exactly is Flutter?

The Flutter SDK is a cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Google. It's fully open-source, plus it'll be the primary method of developing for Google's Fuchsia and can be used to develop iOS as well as Android apps.

Flutter Widgets

Flutter uses small reusable components, similar to what happens in JS frameworks. The Flutter SDK is especially helpful because it features a great numbers of widgets in the style of Android and iOS, built in from the start. This means that even novices can create apps that look - and perform - like native apps, with little design experience.

The Flutter - Dart Connection

The first "Sky" version of Flutter was unveiled at the 2015 Dart developer summit and for good reason: Flutter apps are written in Dart and leverage most of Dart's most advanced characteristics while doing so. Dart is also the reason that Flutter offers "stateful hot reload", allowing you to often reflect source code changes immediately in a running app, without restarting or state loss.

Flutter vs React Native

On Bitrise, you can build both Flutter and React Native projects (along with a ton of other technologies, obviously). RN and Flutter specifically get compared often though, primarily due to the fact they both are aimed at making cross-platform development easier, faster and more efficient. Flutter is younger and therefore not quite as established, but due in great part to the commitment of both Google and the Flutter community, it's catching up rapidly.

Flutter and Firebase

Firebase is Google's Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development platform and powers, among other things, our 'Virtual Device Testing for Android' integration. By combining Flutter and Firebase, developers can implement storage, authentication, hosting and database all without maintaining their own service. As both are backed or run by Google, Firebase and Flutter work together seamlessly. Check out the guide on the Firebase site to get started.

Flutter CI

A mature SDK deserves a mature continuous integration and delivery platform. Bitrise brings that maturity to Flutter CI: Deploy your app to testers quickly and easily with Bitrise deploy, send straight to iTunes Connect or Testflight OR deploy to a range of third parties, including HockeyApp, Fabric, Deploygate and many others. All the services used by your iOS (Swift) or Android teams are also available to your Flutter developers, integrating their process into your wider app development efforts with ease.

What Flutter Developers write about Bitrise

Developers from companies of all sizes use Bitrise as their Flutter Continuous Integration and Delivery platform and have written - or talked - about their experiences:

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Flutter CI, made easy

Start building on Bitrise today AND join our Flutter Community to share your Flutter experiences, tips and tricks and help us build the world's best place for Flutter continuous integration and delivery