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How to build and distribute your apps easily to Huawei AppGallery with Bitrise

Automate AppGallery deployments to speed up go-to-market time

23 September, Thursday

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About this webinar

With 540 million monthly active users, Huawei's AppGallery is among the top three app marketplaces globally. A huge untapped market, but deploying your app manually to another app store can become tedious, to say to least.

Huawei partnered with Bitrise to enable developers to automatically deploy their apps to AppGallery, giving access to hundreds of millions of additional potential customers, with close-to-zero additional work required from their end. Tune in and learn how to automatically deploy your new app versions to AppGallery with Bitrise.

What you'll learn

How to enter a completely new app marketplace to kickstart your growth

How to use Bitrise for AppGallery automation

How to configure your workflow and set up the Deploy to AppGallery Step

How to fine tune your deployment with percentage rollout and draft releases

Meet the Speakers

Fernando Prieto

Developer Advocate at Huawei

Fernando Prieto is a developer with a diverse background on multiple tech environments. In the beginning of his dev-career, Fernando started to work in both UI and Backend sides as Java developer with numerous frameworks. But didn't take long until he realised he wanted to become an Android developer and be involved in more creative and tangible projects. He has been working in several start-ups, tech companies and digital agencies from Spain, San Francisco and London, which gave him many takeaways about the whole Android spectrum.

Janos Vrancsik

Partnerships Manager at Bitrise

Janos works tirelessly on the Verified Partner Program at Bitrise. Promoting the Bitrise Step library far and wide, his aim is to provide countless integrations for mobile developers that will work seamlessly with the Bitrise platform. In case you’re looking to build a Verified Step, don’t hesitate to drop him a line.