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Speed, consistency and efficiency for your mobile teams: Get to product-market fit sooner, iterate faster, improve developer efficiency, build better apps

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Why use Bitrise?

Built by - and for - mobile app developers, optimized for rapidly scaling startups and some of the world's biggest companies

Optimized for mobile

Bitrise is mobile first. Our CICD solution was built by mobile app developers, for mobile app developers, ensuring that it's an environment that works for you or your developers

Build better apps

Mobile apps developed on Bitrise perform better. Bitrise helps you find bugs and deploy fixes before issues make it into production to ensure first-time-right deployments

Reduce onboarding time

New apps, new integrations and new developers can all get started with little to no extra effort required, reducing the time you spend waiting to see a return on investment

Work smarter

Use our Bitrise step library, create your own integration by using templates or use the API as your mobile CI/CD pipeline turns into an increasingly powerful ally for your app development process. Automate, track and improve your process at unprecedented speed

Trusted globally

Mobile unicorn startups, Global Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's highest grossing mobile app developers trust Bitrise to improve their mobile app development process

Taking your apps from code to app store, automatically

Bitrise allows the world's best mobile development teams to build, test and deploy apps with unprecedented ease:

Project scanner

When you connect your code repository, our project scanner will automatically recognize the technology used, while also detecting dependencies and configuration specifics to create an initial workflow that builds, test and deploys your application. From there on out, you can tweak and evolve your workflow to do some truly magical things.

Run Unit and UI tests

Run your unit and UI tests through our native Android or iOS Device Testing step to automatically test on physical devices OR connect to one of countless third-party services. This includes everything from Amazon's device farm to Codified and more.

Automatic app distribution

Deploy your app to testers quickly and easily with Bitrise deploy, send straight to iTunes Connect, Testflight OR deploy to a range of third parties, including HockeyApp, Fabric, Deploygate and many others.

Developers ❤️ Bitrise

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Eliminate time wasted onboarding apps, developers and tools

Over 180+ integrations virtually guaranteed to fit your team's workflow with minimal customization required. Missing an integration? Let us know and we'll add it to the roadmap


Runs a selected Carthage command to add frameworks to your Cocoa application


Automates beta deployments and releases for iOS and Android apps

React Native

Bundles apps built in React Native, a framework to build native mobile applications

Start Android Emulator

Sets the specified attributes in the AndroidManifest.xml

Start building better apps, faster

Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery for the world's leading app developers