Contributing to Bitrise

The mobile developer community has made Bitrise what it is today. We're eager to support you as you help us further improve the world's most popular mobile app development platform.

Want to find out how you can contribute (plus, how we'll support and reward your efforts)? Pick one of these three different areas in which you can help Bitrise and, by proxy, countless mobile developers across the globe:

Create your own integration

Bitrise has more ready-to-use integrations with the services mobile developers use than anyone. Over half of those were community created though. Missing a service you'd like to see integrated? Visit our open-source step library. Creating your own step is easy: Simply check out our /step-template on Github, read up on the 'create your own step' guide in our Devcenter and get cracking!

👟 Create an OSS Bitrise step

Write a howto

The Bitrise Devcenter is where our inhouse tech writer team produces amazing content about Bitrise and mobile app development in general together with you, our contributors. Missing information on a topic you're knowledgeable about or see something that you'd like to expand on or improve? Visit the Devcenter GitHub repository and contribute to one of Google's most highly ranked knowledge centers for mobile app developers.

🎓 Share some knowledge

Localize content

We take pride in making the Bitrise onboarding process as intuitive as possible. At the same time, everything is a heck of a lot easier if you can read (and understand) the documentation. Are you a native speaker of a non-English language? Contribute to our Devcenter translations on GitHub and help your fellow developers make the most out of their time with Bitrise!

🌏 Localize documentation

What's in it for you?

First (and most important) of all, contributing is good for the soul 🕯. You'll have our eternal gratitude, plus you're helping out a growing community of mobile app developers. That being said, we also have a few things that are somewhat less nebulous:

Contributors and Contributions

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Not on Bitrise yet?

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